Committee Members

Executive Board

President Valerie X. Costic

Vice President Amy X. Cox

Treasurer Caroline X. Connelly

Co-Treasurer  Jessica X. Munley

Corresponding Secretary  Jenni X. DeVitto

Recording Secretary  Lu X. White

Director of Marketing/WEBConstant Contact  MaryBeth X. Ostrowski

Committee Chairs

BUC Stop   Billie McNally

BUC Passes   Mary Chamberlain

50/50 Raffles  OPEN

Sponsorship Committee  Marlene Sanders

Campus Beautification  Lisa Duffy

Friends of Different Learners  OPEN

Giving Tree (w/ The SOURCE)   Claire Harbeck Izzo

Hall of Fame   OPEN

Ladies Luncheon   Jennifer DeVitto and Jessica Munley

Teacher Appreciation   Amy Cox and Cami Colella

Cornhole Tournament  Lu White

Pocketbook Bingo   Eileen Savko

Day at the Races   Susan Murray

Teacher Grants  Marian Donohue  and  Rhea Goldsmith

Senior Scholarships Rayna Eyerman and Nikki Barreca

Marketing/PR   OPEN

Senior Blankets   Jodi Navitsky

Website   Jen McCabe

Art Design  OPEN

Social Media Liaison   Amy Cox

VPA Liaisons By Department

Drama Department Audrey Oldoerp and Alison Novara

Photography Department MaryBeth Ostrowski

Class Parents

Class of 2020

Gretchen O’Kane

Class of 2021

Billie McNally

Class of 2022

Lisa Kane

Class of 2023

Stella Fotopoulos

Teacher Class Advisors

Class of 2020

Frank O’Shea and Eric Malone

Class of 2021

Lauren Hanley and Ashley Corcione

Class of 2022

Cara Scacco and Irene Vergis

Class of 2023